Trade Fairs And Events Logistics

Trade Fairs And Events Logistics

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GFS TRADE FAIRS & EVENTS is your experienced partner for the reliable, punctual delivery of your trade fair and events equipment, including your exhibits, stand and promotional material. You tell us when and where in the world it needs to be, and we'll get it there on time.

Trade Fairs And Events Logistics


With Multiple Experiences In This Field, GFS TRADE FAIRS & EVENTS Is Your Specialist For The Planning, Execution And Support Of Logistics Services Specific To Trade Fairs And Events. Our Teams Of Skilled And Dedicated Employees And Partners Throughout The World Are Familiar With The Shipping, Handling, Import And Export Requirements Associated With Exhibitions And Trade Fairs, Offering You Customized Solutions For Your Logistical Needs. Contact Us: Let Us Take Care Of Your Logistics, And We'll Let You Get On With The Important Business Of Making The Right Impression At The Right Time.

    • We Make A Difference.
    • We Find The Most Efficient Solution To Operate Your Material - On - And Off-site
    • During The Exhibition, We Take Care Of Your Equipment If You Want Us To We Bear In Mind That Your Goods Have To Get Back Again Quickly And Cost-efficiently. Or On To The Next Event We Ensure Maximum Efficiency And Minimum Delay Our Extensive Portfolio Of Services For Trade Fairs And Events Logistics Enables You To Relax And Concentrate On Your Visitors And Your Customers. Let Us Take Care Of The Logistics. After All, It Is What We Do Best.
    Trade Fairs And Events Logistics

    Value-added services

    • Expert packaging of your valuable trade fair shipments
    • Professional transport services for any type of goods - by road, rail, air or sea
    • Professionals handle import, export and transit formalities
    • Temporary import clearance and re-export
    • On-site operations at major venues across Cameroon and Africa with own trained personnel and equipment
    • Partner network at venues abroad ensure products and services world-wide
    • On-site, multi-lingual staff available 24 hours a day
    • Extensive range of trade fair services for the planning, execution and support of fair-related activities
    • Status up-dates during transportation

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